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About Our School

Propel Braddock Hills Middle School provides scholars in grades 6, 7 & 8 with an evolutionary, focused, and project-based middle school experience. We aim to create a seamless bridge between elementary and high school, focusing on our adolescent scholars' needs and developmental stages.

As families are vital partners in the educational process, we will also support and guide middle school families as they define and refine roles and relationships with their adolescents.

An enhanced academic program allows middle school scholars to choose from 16 different elective courses to pursue what they are passionate about and explore their strengths. We provide scholars with a safe and supportive learning environment where all scholars can succeed.



Together at Propel Braddock Hills Middle School, we strive for greatness while supporting and empowering each other. We critically analyze the accepted knowledge from the world around us, so we can make informed decisions about how to creatively pursue progress. We are dedicated to creating relevant opportunities to have conscious conversations and experiences that encourage social awareness, acceptance, and empathy that inspire us to be an active agent for necessary change.




Studio 4C is unique to Braddock Hills Middle School and features a blended curriculum integrating art and social studies. The name, “Studio 4C” comes from the “Four Cs of Education” that are designed to best prepare 21st Century students for success in a global society. The Four Cs of Education are CreativityCollaborationCommunication, and Critical Thinking.